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Tuesday, December 30, 2003
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On the Internet, Nobody Knows You're Bush's Dog

Kynn over at Shock and Awe provides the hed* and brings First Dog Barney's official blog to our attention:

I went looking in some of Daddy's old stuff.

I found a little plastic baggie! It was between the pages of that big thick book that Daddy has, but never seems ot read. I heard Mommy call it a "bye bull."

I carefully took the baggie from between the pages. There was something inside! It was a white powder.

I tore the baggie open and sniffed. Sniff sniff sniff! Hey! This is fun! Sniff sniff sniff!

Soon I had white powder all over my face!

A great dog's-eye view of life in the WH.


* Homage to the classic New Yorker cartoon.

[Update: I'm casting a vote for Barney in this week's Showcase at TTLB, if only because he's calling out Kasey the Howard Dean dog.] 

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