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    In Which NTodd Says His Peace

Thursday, December 04, 2003
Go to the new DM blog.

New Blog On The Block

Well, it's not just a blog, it's a budding virtual community. At its heart are a number of my Gitmo-bound co-conspirators, who have noticed we've got a nice organic coalition of like-minded folks developing. So we've made it a little more formal and have founded The Liberal Coalition.

I for one encourage all the friends I've made over the last several months to consider joining us. I'm not sure where all this will head, but I'm sure we'll have some fun and do some good while we're figuring it all out.

There aren't too many membership rules, and it won't add a real burden to the busy lives I know all of you are leading, so check out our drafty mission/guidelines and think about signing on to the project. Quest. Thing. Whatever.

Peace out,

PS--I'm also dropping out of the League of Liberals, to whom I owe a great debt. I will be maintaining links to the League and its members, although my blogroll will be rejiggered (again).

[Update: We've officially been added to the TTLB alliance roll. Fame and fortune are just around the corner!] 

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