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    In Which NTodd Says His Peace

Monday, December 08, 2003
Go to the new DM blog.

More Blogfoolery

Lots of changes to the blogroll: I gave up on the Main Blogroll and instead moved my Bloggers Parliament stuff up there, since it fits better. I mixed in most of the Main Blogroll sites into my Gitmo roll, which represents blogs I regularly read and/or people who regularly read DM. I also eliminated almost all the redundancy between blogrolls, 'cept for a few members in OSP who are on other rolls--I'm now relying a lot on blogrolls that I have little or no control over, so there will always be a bit of overlap. Life is full of compromises.

Big addition is the logo and automagic blogroll code for the Coalition. There's an annoying gap at the top of the list that I can't get rid of, but maybe if I bribe NZBear with green M&Ms he'll fix that. At least it simplifies my life, for which I'm eternally grateful.

Light blogging ahead until tonight. Lots of work (I hate it when real life intervenes) and volleyball post-season starts this evening (fortunately it's double-elimination). Talk amongst yourselves here, visit the Coaliltion and its member sites, and keep hitting reload just in case I post something (I have 3 things specifically in mind for blog breaks)!

Peace out,

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