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Wednesday, December 10, 2003
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Finally, A Little Blogaround

Whew! I hate the week before vacation: too much crap to do before I quit working until 2004. Apologies to my fellow Coalition members for not doing more to promote their blogs. Here's a down payment on what I owe:

* BBWW tells us that "Oops" Doesn't Cut It. Turns out, we're really good at killing kids in Afghanistan, who all would grow up to be Osama bin Missing anyway.

* And Then... weighs in on Al Gore's Dean Endorsement, with help from Kucinich and Sharpton.

* The Gamer's Nook reminds us that To the victor... go the spoils and all that. Remember, you're either with us or against us!

* The Fulcrum opines on The Cause of the Decline of American Morality. Hint: it has nothing to do with the Clenis™.

* Sooner Thought alerts us to the fact that You Can Vote Once Every 12 Hours! in the 2003 Weblog award contest. My sources in the Democratic Party tell me Alex is offering 20 bucks to each person who votes for him in the "Best Crawly Amphibians Ecosystem Level Blog" category.

* Rubber Hose is happy to report that David Brooks is back to his old tricks and pissing off upyernoz. Your Coalition Secret Decoder Ring is safe.

* blogAmY has some More on the topic of Dean (scroll down). She agrees with Molly Ivins. So do I.

* You should also check out two posts at OSP today: For Whom To Vote & Why, by Guy Andrew Hall; An effective leader, or a war criminal looking for a place to happen?, by Jack Cluth.

Oh, and if you want the most encyclopedic example ever of a blogaround, check out the farmer's over at corrente. With the size of that post, he could've maybe included 1537 links at least... ;-)


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