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Monday, December 01, 2003
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Anarchists For Bush

Okay, now it's starting to make some sense. The phone calls I got earlier today were replicated just now. This time I was able to hear the caller a bit better, another female voice who indicated she was from "Anarchists For Bush" and asked yet again, "are you interested?" I declined once more.

I did a little online research and found little info, 'cept tidbits like this from 2000:

I participated in an impromptu action called the "Coalition of Anarchists for Bush", the idea of which was taken from some Eugene anarchists who campaigned for the worst mayoral candidate on the ballot, in hopes of creating a greater anti-authoritarian backlash.

I would recommend, however, that for the next event, groups like these do more to make themselves known.

I guess the phone calls are part of their efforts to make themselves known. Next time they call I hope that a) they don't do it after 10:30PM Eastern (got that?), b) they will use a better phone (jeebus, even anarchists should be able to spring for a better phone at Staples), and c) I will have my wits to engage them a bit more (hint: if I can hear you and I'm not sleepy, I'm more likely to be able to engage and be interested).

My wife answered the phone this time, and they asked for me by name, which is a bit creepy. Likely more fodder for my anonymity and identity chapter of the Handbook of Information Security. Damn it, I hate being my own case study. And I think Stef should make sure she knows where her shotgun shells are, just in case (she ain't a Quaker, and a damn good shot)...


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